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Autumn Ridge

Full information about Autumn Ridge — 900 Long Boulevard, Lansing, Michigan 48911 Michigan 48911

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900 Long Boulevard,
Lansing, Michigan

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+1 517-295-0000

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    Save yourself the money and headache by never moving in here. I have been living in here since August and I wish my year contact was up already. First, its over priced for an average Townhouse and half of the appliance will break a month after you move in. Then the staff will pester you to come in every 2 weeks for miscellaneous "problems" that do not exist and if you have a dog they will demand that you lock them away so they can come in when you are not there. If I didn't have a security dog whom I refuse to lock away no matter how much they insist, who knows how many times they would have entered my house when Im at work without my permission. Parking is horrid, 6 spots for 8+ units. They make you pay $250 for snow removal and maintenance yet when it snows no one comes through to plow for 1 day or so and when they do they block in the garages, parking spots and cars in the streets and your walk way wont get cleared for several days. The walls are paper thin and you can hear everything your neighbor does and says and it is very poorly insulated, making the utility bill outrageous. When ever you call the office about a complaint, regardless of what it is, it will get down played and they will try to dance around any possibility of them actually fixing it. Quite possibility the worst place I have ever and will ever live at.
    By Leonard DeGenelson, November 14, 2017
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